Passive Income Perks for Beauty Professionals

Uncategorized Nov 18, 2022

The passive income life is the life for me! 💸

It took work to get here but I’m glad I started focusing on passive income streams a few years ago so I could reap the benefits now.

Don’t get me wrong….. I loved my job as a beauty professional. I had amazing clients and a successful lash and brow studio but life changes. Wants change. Goals change.

Once I got married and had my daughter my goals definitely shifted and I wanted a way to still make money but spend as much time with her as possible 💕 

One of the my most profitable streams of passive income began with online courses.

I use my existing knowledge to teach other beauty professionals what I wish I knew when I was first starting out. I take that same valuable knowledge and turn it into online mini courses that I can make money on autopilot 😎


Wether you believe this or not, YOU have a ton of valuable knowledge and experience inside that beautiful mind of yours too! 🤓🤩

The type of knowledge that others would PAY YOU to teach to them right now, instead of figuring it out the long and hard way by themselves.

As a service-based beauty professional YOU MUST think about the long game. You have to think about ways to generate passive income because you are only one person, my friend. When you’re doing 1:1 services 24/7 where do you go from there? 😕

Your time, energy and income are capped if you don’t find ways to monetize your skills and knowledge.

The best way to do this is to teach your valuable knowledge to other beauty professionals online with online courses!

But not just any kind of course ....

What potential students really want is to be able to learn specific techniques, tips and tricks without having take a whole other lengthy and expensive course just to help them in the ONE area they’re having difficulty with.

It’s called a paint point and if you can solve another beauty professional’s pain point then you’ve got a valuable course idea right at your finger tips.😎

Tell you what…come join me in my FREE TRAINING and let me show you how I do it. How I generate passive income with online mini courses.


I mean, "can" you learn how to build, launch and market your own online mini course all on your own?


Do I recommend it? 😣 …..ummmm no, I don’t.

Here’s why…..

Time IS actually money so do you really want to spend the next several months sifting through 7638 YouTube videos and googling your way through it only to find out it’s actually way more involved than you thought? So then you end up just putting your whole course idea on the back shelf again until you “have the time” to deal with it?

Yeah, I get it 😕 BUT….lucky for you, I AM crazy enough to have done all of that and figured it all out on my own so now…👉🏼 YOU don’t have to! 🤓🙌🏼

You can spend the next 474638 days trying to figure it all out. The course ideas, the course platform, the tech, the marketing etc etc 👉🏼 OR ….. you can join me inside the Mini-Course Academy where I walk you through it step-by-step.

You’ll have access to my private MCA members only group where you can get the support you need whenever you have a question or get stuck.

What do you say? Doesn't the thought of making money in your sleep just hit a certain way? 😎

Let's do it! Hope to see you on the inside!